Kikindai Pipafüstös

erdélyi kopó kennel

Transylvanian Hound Kennel of Kikindai Pipafüstös

Transylvanian Hound Kennel of

Kikindai Pipafüstös

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Kikindai Pipafüstös Transylvanian Hound Kennel (Kikindai Pipafüstös Erdélyi Kopó Kennel) is located in middle Hungary, on river Tisza.

Transylvanian Hound was developed during centuries in hands of nobles and hunters as an athletic-constitutioned, steady and valiant dog. The build should serve persistence and brisk (up to 50-60 miles run in the forest a hunting day), while the character makes sure good relationship with the owner and hunters, irrestible longing for finding (and keeping in place) big game, like wild boar, bear, wolf, etc.

My breeding philosophy consists out of four elements. These elements are in harmony with each other, no one is overemphasized. Dogs of Kikindai Pipafüstös Transylvanian Hound Kennel are regularly at dog shows (5-10 a year), in order to be judged by professionals (possibly each time judged by different person). These shows are not limited for my domestic country. We participate in work (hunting) competitions abroad and in Hungary on regular basis. These programs allows me to meet other hounds, get impression about they constitution and work abilities, meet breeders and judges and have discussions with them. Third important point in my breeding conception is behavior of hounds in real hunt. Thus, we participate in battues on wild boar each season as many times as possible. This could reveal inherited properties of a real hunting dog and individuals could be included in or excluded from the breeding prgram of Transylvanian Hound. Fourth important factor in my breeding notion is creating a breeding vision and mating plan. Two simple good Transylvanian hounds do not necessarily bring good litter. They should be complementary to each other, in order to get a homogenious litter. My activity does not stop when a Transylvanian Hound puppy is sold. I think, the most important information come from continuous monitoring of a puppy or hound born in our kennel of Kikindai Pipafüstös.

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